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S.A.P.A endeavour to put the children and young people at the centre of the services they deliver in a safe environment, encouraging them to make decisions with support.


S.A.P.A ensure the centre and all activities meet with Health and Safety.  Staff are responsible for providing a socially and emotionally safe environment.


An understanding of the young people and their circumstances is fundamental. While at the playground the young people’s best interests will be considered first by staff in all matters.


S.A.P.A has an Equal Opportunities policy and does not tolerate attacks, either physical or verbal on any individual or group, name calling, taunting, offensive jokes, remarks or threats. The writing of any material on any surface. Any form of harrassment or discrimination against any individual or Group.


We operate a tuck shop during each session.  It is good practice to ask young children to hand in their tuck shop money, as lost money cannot be replaced.


S.A.P.A adhere to the Child Safeguarding legislation and also issue it's own guidelines to staff. If you require further information as the Project Leader.  At S.A.P.A we have a statutory duty of care to report any concerns we have about a child/children in our care to Social Services.   All our staff and volunteers are DBS checked and hold first aid certificates.


Parents or Guardians with a complaint about the service, staff, management or users of the project should ask for a copy of the complaints procedure, which details what action is available to them. 
If you wish to make a complaint, please do so immediately, as we cannot act on rumour or hear say after an event.  If you have a problem with a child other than your own, please under no circumstances  approach them.  Please relay your complaint to a member of staff.


Opening Times

3:30 pm to 7.00 pm

Term Time

12pm - 4:00 pm for Easter and Summer Play Schemes

Parents note: 


Please check with staff at the beginning of the session, the closing times, as they are subject to change.

Established in 1992......


St Andrews Play Association was 30 years old in 2012 !

The Play Associations and Adventure Playgrounds in Leicester are a vital resource to the children of the local Community.

Policies &

Please ask a member of staff if you would like to view any of the following policies, procedures or plans at your leisure.


Abandoned Child Policy Access for Information Policy

Accident Reporting and Procedures

Admission Policy

Child Protection Policy

Complaints and Suggestions Policy

Complaints Form

Confidentiality Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Equipment Toy Practice for Under 8's

Fire Drill

Fire Precautions and Procedures

GDPR Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Management Committee

Medicine Policy

Sanction and Behaviour Policy

Special Needs Policy

Visitors Policy


Any personal data that you provide

will only be used in accordance with current data protection laws GDPR 2018.  S.A.P.A will only use data in conjunction with our Partners for the benefit of our service and to fulfil our legal duties.  We will not disclose any personal information unless required to do so by Law.

Our GDPR Policy is available upon request.

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